Technology Impact on Travel Industry
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Technology has already changed the way we do business, Technology has not just helped our business, but has helped our society and as well as helped us grow faster as people. Advances in technology, the proliferation of social media and the increasing ease with which services can be purchased online, have all made the businesses even more dynamic.

Similarly, technology has changed the travel and tourism industry a lot, and this is not something that will happen, that’s something that has already happened. When you take a look at the statistics, tourism has been one of the fastest-growing economic sectors for a couple of years, there has been a great digital revolution for holidaymakers, and technological advances have increased personalization options for the clients. Travelling has been increased tremendously with the help of technology. In a recent study, according to the world tourism organization, it is believed that by 2030, two billion international trips will take place by approximately 8.5 billion people.

In this article, we will talk on, how tech is revolutionizing travel and technological advances that are changing the way we travel.


Why you should take your travel business online?


1) Technology helps to have more personalized travel experiences

Now, if you are striving to have a personalized travel experience then you will get a lot of help from the technology to find out the best services which are readily available at your fingertips to make your trip a dream vacation. Modern travelers are looking for customized and unique travel experiences with the help of technological advancements.

2) Technology helps with a Travel application

In this modern age, people are exploring a lot of content through their phone. So, the travel and tourism industry has focused mainly on the travel application development to improve the traveler’s experience.
With the help of new technologies, they have created well-crafted travel applications which are highly useful for their users, A recent study proves that 85% of users make use of the travel applications and planning their holiday trips. As technology has changed the landscape of tourism and travel industry, companies are investing more and more in their travel application development to help traveler’s.

3) Social media is driving marketing results for the travel industry

Social media has had a dramatic impact on the travel industry and it changed the way we experience the world around us. People generally love sharing new and unique experiences of travel on their social media pages. Which is playing a proper impact on travel marketing. They also love to tell the travelling networks about their upcoming travel plans and other trip plans way before. This information is, in fact, the gold mine for travel marketers. Technology and social media have been driving travel marketing a lot and at the same time, it is helping travelers to get some good trip offers and a unique experience on their trip.

4) Technology is creating an Impact on the internet for the travel and tourism industry

The technology significantly helped the travel industry to create a major impact on the internet. It has a great influence on tourism both for the consumers and for providers. Most of the studies proved that the travel industry is having a huge impact on the internet. The development and contribution of air travel as a means of transporting the tourists to different locations is an important contribution of technology which has made the people talk more. The significant development of low-cost carriers is the other means of successful application in tourism which has impacted the audiences. As the people used to search or talk about the travel industry it has created a major impact on the internet.

5) 24/7 Relationship with the help of digital technology

Digital technology has completely changed the way people used to connect with airlines and other travel, it has created a 24/7 relationship with the people who want to resolve their issues. Usually, people used to dial customer cares numbers and due to the heavy number of caller’s people always get busy or kept on hold tones. Now, with the help of digital technology the travel world has changed a lot. People are finding new ways to connect and so as the travel agencies. These are the few factors about how technology is changing the travel and tourism industry.

Technology has transformed every phase of the travel and hospitality industry from finding a hotel to check-in process and also to unlock the door for personalized activities. So, let’s watch out for the new technology innovations in travelling-

1) Online tour booking system

Technology is an important game-changer in the travel industry, Tour operators have changed the way they sell tours and activities online, Every tour operator is using an online tour booking system, Without management tools, tour operators are condemned to manually battle administrative tasks, online tour booking system puts an end to using pen and paper to manage your bookings.

2) Mobile Technology

The cell phone is undoubtedly the main character in the new ways of travel, it has become our tour guide, travel agency, best restaurant locator, map, and more. According to a report by TripAdvisor, 45% of users utilize their smartphone for everything having to do with their vacations. This is why there’s a need to adapt corporate services and communications to these devices.

3) Augmented Reality / Virtual Assistants

Augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) have also made their mark in the travel world, and the truth behind this is that it’s a trend due to the all the possibilities they can offer. Many companies use it to show their users a cabin on a cruise ship or for transporting them, for a few seconds, to one of the seven wonders. We’re all familiar with Siri and Alexa, the virtual assistants that meet all our needs: what’s the weather like today in my city, turn the radio on, open my email, and more.

4) Big Data

There has been a lot of talk about Big Data, but they have yet to show all the opportunities it offers for the travel industry. Nonetheless, many industry players are already using it. Maintaining a database would help to look at the amount spent, the reason for the trip, the country of origin and cross-checks this information with public data from government sources to develop the most suitable customer profile and achieve a higher success rate.

5) Chatboat

Chatbots are solving various problems in the travel sector and your business can only benefit from having one. Chatbots can easily resolve the routine queries of the clients. This enables human employees to focus on resolving complex customer problems, and performing other managerial tasks, that actually require human intervention. Chatbots are not only available when required, but also bring an added level of personalization when it comes to helping customers. 

6) Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) commits to bring significant updates to the tourism industry. They include integrating sensors connected to the Internet inside items like cars, suitcases, buildings, and more, The digitization of destinations has hugely influenced the travel and tourism industry, tourism companies can develop and use mobile apps in order to contact users at given points, thus, allow them the opportunity to interact with a certain hotel, leisure place, or a museum.


Wind – up


The travel industry is one crucial industry where interaction with the consumer is becoming more important, and the technological advances are letting corporations get closer and know their customers a bit better. After reading this article, If you are looking to bring an upgrade in your travel business or have any idea in your mind related to it, get in touch with us.

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