Website Maintenance Strategy
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Maintenance of a website goes hand in hand with the development process. The website development service providers also provide maintenance service as well. As there are many measures that are to be taken into consideration for this topic of discussion, we will be discussing a few major ones.

The main overview that a maintenance process calls for are:

▪️ Regular update
▪️ Analyze
▪️ Optimize

1)  Expired Domain Name:
The Domain name that is purchased is an intangible asset that has an expiry period. A general purchase tenure is usually around 1 year. During this time frame, it is difficult to remember when the domain will expire. An expired domain will result in a website error which is definitely not going to be a good experience for the end viewer. This leads to traffic killing and losing potential customers. So as to avoid such a situation a regular check of the domain expiry status is mandatory. It should always be kept in mind as an expired domain may confuse the viewer to think that the website is permanently closed. Checking the domain once a year may sound easy but what if the check time was way beyond the expiry due date. For this, there are Website maintenance services that perform this task and they keep a track record of the expiry and repurchasing schedule.
They also help in buying the domain at the right time and schedule prior expiry alerts for the domain owners so that the purchase is done at an appropriate time and funds can be arranged accordingly.

2) Regular Updates:
Keeping a regular check on the updates of the search engine algorithms and trend changes that are happening virtually have become a matter of concern now. This is done for providing the domain owner with an overview of what is changing or what needs to be updated on the website to get better optimization. One of the checks is the broken links check. There are some links that are inserted in the content that is available on another website. There is a possibility that these links might be broken links. By this, it means that those links are not working anymore and clicking on those links may lead to an error. This will have a direct effect on the negative ranking of the website on the SERP and provide a bad user experience UX.
This service is a content management service (CMS) that is a part of the job profile of a maintenance service provider. The existence of broken links, broken images, and other user-centric issues may lead to the generation of a bad reputation of a website. Google algorithms and updates are frequent. Along with the updates comes new measures for check of the webpages. A regular check is mandatory for such SERP updates as they may directly affect the website performance. This is the reason why a website maintenance service provider should be engaged. They keep a track of these updates and provide suggestions and measures to control optimization.

3) Fresh Content:
Content that is live on your website might be having a possibility of duplication of Title or entire content. There are plagiarism checks that are done on the content to make it unique. This is for the website maintenance service to provide support to the website owner to check the content and make relevant changes if there is any plagiarism. If there is any duplication of content this is going to result in negative ranking on Google SERP because Google does not support any content that has been copied from any other website and has been pasted on yours.
Neither the viewer nor Google wants to read any pre-posted content again that is existing on another website also. This requires an ongoing research process that a website maintenance service provider does. They provide content that is unique and is absolutely new for the reader to read. They also check the relevance of the content and optimizes it along with the proper amount of keyword stuffing. It also helps in generating traffic for a website as the reader is always hunting for new learnings. As time passes by, the old content becomes stale and it is much required to provide the reader with the fresh new updated one.

4) Check for broken Links:
The promotion of a website depends on backlinks that are created by Search Engine Optimization experts. There are many possibilities that the backlinks that have been created earlier on other websites are broken as those websites might not be working anymore. It is important to keep a regular check on these broken backlinks as quantity does not matter but quality matters. This is what a premium website maintenance service provider does. They help in reading those backlinks which are live and remove the ones which are not working so as to avoid any negative impact on the SERPs. A broken backlink not only attracts negative search impact but also breaks the trust of a viewer from the website. As a website is a virtual presence on the result pages, users really depend on the existence of it. It is very important to keep trust alive amongst them for brand building.

5) Testing of Website Across Different Browsers and Screen Size:
Web maintenance Service provider always checks that the website fits on various screen sizes. As there are so many screen sizes that are available out there now, it is very necessary to check if this website is actually fitting all of them properly. It is not mandatory that a normal website’s layout is going to fit a mobile size as well. They help in providing updates regarding the same and if there are any changes that are required, that is also suggested by them. If there is a requirement for a mobile version of the website then they also provide support in creating one or they can suggest you regarding the same so that you can get it developed.
If there are multiple versions that have already been created and there is a flaw that has been detected. These flaws are also highlighted by these maintenance service providers so that they can be rectified and the website is optimized to its maximum potential level.

6) Check the Load Time:
There is no user that wants a website to load slow and in fact, now Google is also checking on the load time of a website. There are tools that can help in checking the load time now. These maintenance service providers are well aware of these tools and they know how to read them properly.
There are certain elements that can cause slow loading of websites. These elements have to be identified and have to be highlighted and kept in front of the website owner so that they can be changed and the modification can be done. If there is a removal required then that should also be processed. This is done to provide the website viewer with a better user experience UX and a better stay time on the website.

7) Check Data Backup:
There are certain measures of protections known by these professionals that help you to protect your data that is uploaded on the website which is prone to theft. A very important task is to avoid any leakage of your material and help you stop losing your content. This directly involved two things, firstly it involves the protection of data and second, it involves backup of the data that is available on the website on the cloud drive.

8) Proofread:
All content that has been created goes from under the eyes of only the writer and no one else. Getting it checked or proofread from others is a very good practice. If the content is read by some other person to get an overview of what others are feeling like after reading that content, they can highlight the mistakes and their point of concern for content. This is an exercise done to optimise it better and to generate better output. The best people who can check your content or proofread it are the customers themselves. A website maintenance service provider does this activity for you and gets your content proofread by relevant people. This also helps in highlighting any grammatical and typing mistakes if any and rectifies it during this process.

Hire a Website Maintenance Service providers as maintenance is as important for a website as development. Hiring a professional service provider is definitely going to Analyze, Optimize and Rectifier whatever is there on the website according to the regular updates. This is done to provide the user with a better User experience UX and to get a better ranking on the SERPs.

Hope this answers your query for website maintenance. If you feel that you want any other question answered, please feel free to comment at the bottom and I will definitely get back to you on that with a relevant answer.