Website Design Ideas
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Make sure that the website is adequately interactive with your customers.

Building a website that is cold is of no use as a viewer or a customer is always interested in a website where they can also be given an opportunity to post their review about a piece of information that they are reading.

For an interactive website:

1) Communication

This is called interacting or communication. As communication is a two-way process. By this, we refer to a warm communication where there are two people who are actively participating, a listener and a speaker. They both have to perform both the tasks actively and are given space to put forth their views to achieve a result at the closing of the communication.

A comment box is something that creates the initiation of two-way communication. This is something that is mostly not kept in mind or missed by most of the website developers but the best ones will always recommend you to embed it in your website. 

2) Writing

Content is directly related to interactive websites as they are the ones that are ranked first. An interaction may start with a blog on an article on a topic of information. It may be informative, review or pro-motive depending on the writer’s style of writing and the type of knowledge that is possessed by the editor.

Interactive Measures:

There are a few integrations that have for the interaction to happen:

1) Page Display/Design 

Writing is one part of the communicating task and displaying it is the other. A beautifully written article which is not presented in a good way will not be able to provide the desired results. 

2) Commenting

The first would be a comment box where the reader can also get a chance to write his views about that article. It may result in an appreciation, a suggestion to improve, a promotion, a recommendation and others. 

3) Sharing

Then comes in social media share and direct link sharing options on the information so that it can be shared with others and on other platforms with ease. This is a form of third-person promotion that will eventually happen if a viewer shares your informative website article.

4) Internal Linking

Internal links placed on the piece of information would also facilitate the reader to jump to the related page to get more education or to enquire about a service. This may result in converting a reader into a customer.

5) SEO for Trust building and Branding

Interactive website is the best way to personalise with your viewers so that they gain trust in you. It is all about the trust that converts a company into a brand.

If we talk in the SEO perspective, only interactive website links are shared by someone to their community. This definitely results in attracting new readers. Better we call them as new prospective customers.

6) SERPs Ranking 

This may again benefit in the creation of backlinks by readers. This is something that is counted very positive in terms of google ranking algorithms. Improvement in ranking is automatically going to happen when the google crawlers observe positive movement on your website.

Always remember that the person who is reading your information is someone who is in dire need of your services and a soft target. Keep yourself educated and be ready with additional information once the physical communication begins as it may direct towards generation of revenue.