Web Design Services Importance
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As of now, most of the businesses know the importance of a website for their online presence, because when it comes to emphasizing your online presence, there are some things that you need to put into great examination as it can make or break your business. So, is it enough to have just any website, or do you need more than that?

Basically, the act of building your online presence does not simply end by just launching a basic website for your business or company, your current company website might look outdated as compared to the competition. Your website’s design is an essential part of online marketing presence, to build a superior website for your business, you must understand the significance of web design.

Web design borders many different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites. The different sections of web design include web graphic designing; interface designing; authoring, including standardized codes and proprietary software programs; user experience designing; and search engine optimization. An abundance of studies reveal that a well-built website will generate better customer traffic and upgrading user interface will increase conversion, it is just like you go to a clothing store and you find only a couple of outfits attractive due to their design and style similarly there are a huge number of websites on internet but only the ones with attractive UI/UX are being considered.


You will find plenty of online resources defining “good design”, so in this article, we are trying to focus on how good web design benefits your website and, in turn, your business.




1) UI lays the first impression

“38% of people will stop to engage with a website if the content or layout is unattractive”

– (Source: Adobe)

If your website appears to be unattractive or old-fashioned, your viewers will immediately have a negative impression of your business. This makes Web design important as it impacts how your audience will perceive your brand. The perception you make on them can either make them to stay on your page and learn more about your business or to leave your page and turn to your competitor. A good web design will help you to keep your leads on your page.

2) Assistance in the SEO strategy

“75% of users don’t even scroll past from the first page of the Search Engine Result Page”

– (Source: HubSpot)

Many web design elements and practices impact how you publish the content on your website, this is one important thing that you cannot afford to mishmash. If your on-page SEO basics are not up to par, you’ll be struggling in an uphill battle for visibility of your website.

3) Builds trust and sets the belief in customer service

“Judgements on the company’s credibility are 75% based on the website design of the company”

– (Source: Web Credibility Research from Stanford)

People barely trust poorly designed websites, if you don’t strive for your website’s design, your audience might think that you won’t put an effort into helping them. Your website acts as a customer service representative, this makes it important to build trust with your audience so they remain on your site and you create more opportunities.

4) Web Designing creates consistency

“46% of consumers make their decisions on the credibility of a website from its visual appeal & aesthetics”

– (Source: The Real Business of Web Design, John Waters)

If your website does not show regularity, people might make a shift from yours to one that looks more professional, web designing is important because it helps to create consistency across your page, building consistency helps in keeping leads on your page longer and makes them familiar with your business.

5) Your competitors are implementing it

“73% of companies have started investing in design to differentiate their brands”

– (Source: Blue Corona)

If you still have any doubt, then here’s a big one reason that why you should start web designing right away: Your competitors are already making use of web design and if you want to remain in competition, you must use web design for your site too. When you’re competing against other businesses, you commonly have similar services and pricing, in such a scenario all you need is that one thing that will make your business stand out from the rest.


Five key elements that a web designer should keep in mind when designing a Website


1) Content

Content of your websites communicates your company’s brand position and promise.

Making the message short and to the point, yet keeping it warm and welcoming helps the reader to remember the message easier.

If there is too much text on a page, the page becomes visually mess up making it more difficult for a reader to read the page, thus a little empty space lets the reader’s eyes relax so they do not tire of reading.

2) Navigation

Your viewers do not want to struggle to find information, they just want to access your navigation bar so that they are easily directed to the information they need.

Website navigation generally includes a navigation bar or list of labels that differentiate between the pages of the website.

When designing navigation, web designers at times get drawn away with designs and fancy typefaces. Thus, simplified navigation maximizes ease of use for a wider range of customers.

3) Mobile-friendliness

Good website design must go well beyond a single screen, you need a responsive website design that will make your website look and function great on devices of all sizes.

Mobile-friendly website design is a necessity to stay relevant and get found online as the number of smartphone users are increasing every second.

On mobile, the content becomes even more important, due to the availability of limited space. When you write content for your mobile site, try to be concise, purposeful, and readable with headers and callouts in align to help your reader navigate through your site’s information.

4) Call-to-action (CTA) Buttons

A well-designed CTA button will make your audience to take action for the next step. These buttons should not just fit into your design but also stand out on the page.

Pick a color scheme that would stand out on the page in comparison to the colors used in the website, thus people will automatically be drawn towards these buttons.

By incorporating CTA buttons into your website’s design, you’ll help drive better results on your page, making the conversions faster and easy.

5) Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important elements of web design. It ensures that your page loads quickly, so your audience can access information fast.

Viewers hate to wait for slow-loading pages, if your website page takes too long to load, your audience might lose interest and there are chances that they will return to the search results and select a competitor’s page instead.

You can check your page’s speed on Google Page Speed Insights. This tool allows you to see how quickly your site loads and where you can make improvements or other option is to rely on page speed services from a digital marketing company.




In this digital age, your website’s design plays a crucial role in your online marketing campaign’s success most of the businesses have started developing their respective websites to become more accessible for their customers. Business owners can create a user-friendly and welcoming online environment with the help of website design, if you also want to drive the best results for your business, you must invest in designing a website that motivates people to learn more about your business.

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