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How Coffee (PPC) and Cookie (SEO) Helps Your Cafe to Reach New Heights

Read Time 4 min Before beginning let’s stop here and assume that you own a posh and lavish cafe in Paris but people are surpassing to visit nearby Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Do you wonder why? The reason being they are not aware of your ravishing cafe with the best food in the town. To make sure that the […]

seo cafe

How to Generate Leads from Social Media Marketing in 2020

Read Time 5 min “Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase Telemarketer rings your phone every day to get signed up for sale. Now lead generation has shifted dramatically to digital strategies from those landline days. The outbound and inbound leads generated digitally actually work out more efficiently. A lead is an individual who […]

Digital Marketing Campaigns that Stole the Spotlight on the Internet

Read Time 6 min Digital Marketing is having an ever-changing landscape which makes it very hard to examine which campaign works and which doesn’t. It would be great to start by looking for the forefront brand’s digital marketing campaigns that stole the spotlight on the internet. Recently, brands are taking a stand on current political or social issues and […]

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Top 7 digital marketing myths busted in 2020

Read Time 5 min Digital marketing is an effective solution to grow rapidly in a dynamic and changing business world. However, the internet has become a medium that allows easy broadcasting of myths and fake news. If online marketing is strangled in the web of myths then it will fail to serve its objective. To combat this, it is […]

Digital Marketing Myths

Why Content Marketing is important for your business.

Read Time 3 min There is a reason why people use the phrase ‘content is king’. With every business now going online through websites and applications, it has become more of a necessity to evidence a perfect marketing strategy that can help your brand achieve vibrant visibility and engagement on the internet. Content marketing is one such reliable marketing […]

Content Marketing

How PPC & SEO can be used together to generate massive leads

Read Time 3 min PPC (pay-per-click) & SEO (search engine optimization) are two different streams of digital marketing that serve the common purpose of enhancing the visibility of your business’ website link or URL on the search engines. Affordable internet services and the growing popularity of smartphones has made it much easier for people to explore their needs on […]


5 Best SEO Practices to Boost Your Website Ranking in 2020

Read Time 3 min SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and fastest-growing components of digital marketing. Several attributes responsible for this fame include benefits like great ROI, massive leads generation, brand credibility & trust building, market share securing, and much more. However, SEO practices are never consistent or stable and have to be adjusted […]

How to Boost Website Ranking in 2020

How Startups Can Expand Their Reach With Social Media Marketing?

Read Time 3 min Building a brand name for your business in this competitive and fast-evolving era of globalization and international trade is not an easy job. Most of the startups fail to perform or deliver the desired results because of their incompetency to craft an optimum online marketing approach. This is the Digital Age, and we all believe […]

Social Media Marketing

Reaching the Top Positioning on Google Search With the SEO Trend Change in 2020

Read Time 7 min Achieve high ranking with new Digital Marketing trends As the new year has arrived, again it is going to bring new revolutionary changes along with it. There are updations in every industry or better we call them as innovative improvements. This is the year for the next level of digitalization. Every industry is in a […]

Top SEO Trends

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

Read Time 3 min What has Google’s Broad Core update introduced? ▪️ Rescanning of all the website is going to happen again. ▪️ The creation of more relevance of content will matter a lot now. ▪️ Relevancy of usage of keywords is definitely going to be a question mark. ▪️ Backlinking, is it going to have any value with […]

google algorithm update 2020