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Education Sector

The education and training segment is going through an amusing phase currently. Technology has supported this segment like never before.

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The sphere of student-teacher interaction is no longer limited to just classroom-based training. In recent years, global revenues for Self-paced eLearning has risen significantly and reached $46.6 billion, several countries in the world witnessed notable high growth rates, with the aggregate growth rate of 7.6%. Education is no more locked in the doors of the classroom. The boosted trend of online education has passed over smartphones and tablets in the hands of the kids. With the evolution of education apps, kids are learning the right use of technology. Teachers are at ease and parents are at peace with mobility educational solutions. The education app developed by us proffer interactive learning models along with personalized learning experience.

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Benefits of Educational Solutions

  • Keep the students engaged for a longer period with captivating graphics and HD designs.
  • Education app development has made knowledge gaining and knowledge sharing much easy.
  • Students are availed with 24*7 support.
  • Easy for parents to track their child’s progress at any time they want.
  • Education app development has made the learning process more fun and has eliminated the boredom part.
  • The education app supports multiple languages.
One of the best new features of ASP.NET Core is built-in dependency injection. It is widely used within ASP.NET MVC itself. It is the desired way that things like logging contexts, database contexts, and other things are passed into your MVC controllers.
We at APPWRK, understand this impact very well. We continuously work towards strengthening our expertise by developing e-learning solutions and mobile-enabled learning apps, software and testing tools.
Remote and distance learning, e-learning, education course packages on the Internet have all re-defined the concept of dispensing high-quality education to young minds. Smartphone and internet-based education to cater to the preferences of young adults. With APPWRK, we help stakeholders in the education sector to scale up quickly to meet at these newer avenues so that the entire process of education remains as engaging in the face of shifting user preferences and shorter attention span.

Our offerings for the Education Industry

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Mobile Apps Development
our competencies and experience in equipping the stakeholders in the education industry has given us a great understanding of the segment. This is evident with our mobile apps concentrating specifically on delivering rich commitment and productive collaboration between parents, students and teachers. Making them available on major platforms such as iOS and Android.
Software Development Services
We have proven proficiency in building software solutions, including e-learning solutions, educational ERP, systems integration and ICT for education using various technologies like ReactJs, Angular, AI, Machine Learning etc.
UI/UX Design Services
We believe that user experience is a key component of delivering high-end mobile apps and software that gain interest among student/teachers, the success of a product depends on a good, clean design, we offer research-based design which is appealing and has fun interface for students. 

Features of Education Solutions

Activity section is a prominent part of the education apps. Users can check the latest events in their related courses. Through this feature, it becomes easy for the user to track all the events of the chosen course. A filter can also be incorporated to assist the users with customized search option of the activities either date-wise or subject-wise.
Since learning from the app might raise certain issues, if the student does not understand anything or have any doubt, they can mention a query and can get an appropriate answer for the same.
A push notification enables a user to be notified about the changes in the materials or course or syllabus or exam schedule. A distinct section has to be positioned in the education app for notification management.
This feature is an important add-on for both faculties and students which enable both the parties to communicate privately. Faculties can classify the messages through student names and students can share their queries, discuss their problems through messaging the related faculty personally.
Such a feature of education app development allows the users to approach every small content like an assignment, learning lessons or syllabus of the course. The feature enables the users to not only access the materials but to also download the material to refer them at a future date.
Report cards are fully customizable, create your grading criteria, grading flow, report card format. Designed to suit your needs with one personal online grade book for each teacher.
Organise and manage the activities without any challenges, incline all the activities according to the schedule and carry out them without any hassle. Customize the fields according to your requirement 
Manage enquires to your school all in one place. Move enquires to applications stage seamlessly right through the time to successfully enrol the student into the right class.
Helps in looking for student information system that can manage day to day attendance of all the students easily, provides easy to use interface to check off your students. This helps in minimizing proxies and paperwork. Send automated SMS and email alerts when students are absent from the classes.
Each student, his/her parents, teachers, staff members and management will have a separate login to access the desired information about the courses and batches. This would make it easy for everyone to track the details of the relevant courses and batches and keep a note for the same.
This module will allow you to backup your data and restore it as and when required, managing the student, parents, staff details and other important records becomes easy and is available all at one place. 
Integrating the feature of email service in the system enables the staff to share the important information with the students and as well as their parents, automated email alerts about the student reports can be shared and vice versa the students can share their queries with the teachers or the staff.
Managing the events was never that easy before, the system allows management from inventory to staff all at one place, without any hassle, ascending the whole process in the desired manner.
This module enables you to manage all type of exams like unit test, half yearly test and final examination. It will enable you to declare your results faster via SMS and Email alerts.
Managing school fee is always a time-consuming project, this feature helps in simple and straightforward fee tracking module that helps in tracking fees effectively, billing and payment information is stored in the each student’s folder, so all information is kept together in one place.
Help desk feature provides single-click solutions to the users of the system, there can be certain problems which the user might encounter while using the system, help desk assists in providing solutions to such problems.
Managing all the information about inventory present in the premises was never easier, but with this feature minimising the waste and tracking all the inventory becomes easy and finding the record of lost and found inventory is effortless.
Some the basic features of this module are find, search, issue and return books. It will generate automatic reports for the book condition, tendency among students, fine collected, etc.
Mobile support feature enables the user to track all the information on their mobile, making it handy for the students, parents and staff to review the important information from anywhere.
The system enables the front office or reception staff to record the required information for their reference or to use it in future, the system provides a one-stop solution for the front office staff to maintain and manage the information.
Registration management features offer the staff to maintain the bundles of files keeping all the data smartly and without any hassle, Instant search makes this data easily accessible.
This feature allows instant messaging for the quick updates, these short informational messages are helpful for the students, parents and staff, keeping them informed about the daily schedules.
Easy to retrieve the student details, their grades, schedules, address, parents info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities and any reports, anytime.
You can generate the school’s schedules easily. You can view timetable by student, teacher or class. You can even view and print a PDF version of the timetable.
Maintain the record of all the vehicles like bus, cars and transport vehicles that are used for the purpose of transportation. This feature can help indescribing the route in association with the particular student, teachers and staff members.
The user can customize the fields or categories according to their preference or usage, the system provides complete flexibility to the user while using it, making it effortless to use.


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