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5 Reasons To Choose React Native App Development For Your Restaurant

February 4th, 2021 | Lutasha Marwaha | Website Development

Read Time 4 min

The ecosystem of front-end app development is emerging which will help the startups already existing businesses. The new tools are coming every day with new frameworks that businessman is getting confused about what is the right option they should choose. So, what’s one of the most reliable framework? It is React Native.

React Native is an app development framework that is open-source. It is a rich user interface that allows developers to create large mobile applications. This technology helps you create real mobile apps using JavaScript only, which will support both Android and iOS platforms.

What Makes It Exclusive?

React Native is helpful to use for a well-designed project with a Test Friendly development approach. This framework has made it easy for startups and already existing businesses to launch a mobile app in the market. The platform comes along with many benefits that make it one of the most exciting mobile app development frameworks.

Based On Cross Platforms

React Native is very easy to use as 90% of the codes are reuse because of the cross-platform which simply implies the usage on both Android and iOS using various tools. This will eventually save time and helps to speed up using the same code. With React Native the businesses can save their cost. Moreover, allows developers to utilize each part of their application on both iOS and Android. The companies now do not need to worry about the maintenance of both applications of Android and iOS. On the contrary, the maintenance of both apps will be done at the same time which will eventually save cost and time. This will boost up the speed of the development process. 

Improve Productivity And Performance

Generally, updates result in headaches because the application has complex logic as the changes in one component can affect others. Comparing with other frontend frameworks, the React code is easy to maintain and is flexible. The React Native app development performs in a similar manner to Native which is built on an iOS platform as the programming speed will be better. This framework uses a hybrid technology that is Graphics Processing Unit which will eventually save the cost of the business.

Stability & Flexibility

React Native is easy to use if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript using documentation. The best thing about React Native app development is that the different developer’s in a team can work on the code where one has left working because of the interface it uses. This will eventually make it easy for the testers to check the various scenarios easily. This ensures code stability and app performance.

Moveable & Editable

Certain changes if needed or is mandatory to make in the available code or move the application to another development framework, will not require a start over. React Native is cross-functional so it can move easily to another platform like Android Studio or Xcode. 


Search engine optimization is a great way for success, especially in an online business. The lower page load time will ensure faster reading, the higher an app will rank on Google eventually reduces the page load time. This will help businesses to rank on the top on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Easy Updating Of Apps

Generally, it is seen that publishing app and updating takes much longer which states that the developer needs to visit again every time for the build. With React Native is simplified as they can update both apps at the same time, the whole process is simplified and sorted. This does not require updating the app through the app store rather over the air updates it can be easily done. 

Why The Food Delivery App Should Use React Native?

A recent survey shows that the food industry has undergone consistent growth globally using a food delivery app. Curious to know why? This Framework provides various Interfaces that make it easy to use. There are four interfaces used for food delivery app development that will be easy to use:

 Customer App

The person who is willing to buy food online will install the app from the play store or apple store. He/She has to fill in the details to continue the services and has to allow to turn on this GPS for location detection. After the completion of these steps, he can choose the restaurant and dishes of his own choices. The payment option is available in both online transactions or COD.

 Delivery Person App

This app will notify once the restaurant accepted the client’s order as this will be easy for the delivery person to reach the restaurant and customer’s location. This app will ensure that the delivery boy can easily deliver the food to the customer’s residence by using his given address.

Restaurant Board

Once the customer ordered his food it will directly notify the respective restaurant and it will notify the nearby food delivery person to pick up the food ordered by the customer. This interface will help the restaurant to stay updated with upcoming orders and through this app, they can update the customers about the time taken to make the food ready.

Admin Web Board

This app is for the Admin web board as each time the customer orders it will be noted in the admin board and once the delivery is done it will automatically be updated. This app will ensure that automatic updating of customer and restaurant status.

Benefits Of Using React Native:

React Native provides various benefits to food delivering app like:


Final Thoughts

This blog will be a guide showing the importance of this framework for creating a food delivery app. React Native app development is a front-end framework that is non-risky and advanced which is eventually helping Restaurants in developing high-quality mobile apps. It gives your app a stable look and keeps the quality standards high.

If you are planning to develop an application for your restaurant then, we are the Best React Native App Development Company. You can consult us and we can guide you on the right path React Native designing is built using React Native Framework. This will allow you to use all of the important components of the user interface. We are the best react Native service provider.