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Engagement Models

The best distribute and align an architecture team to create long-lasting value


In Scrum-based model, projects progress via a series of sprints and sprints are timeboxed to two weeks and sometimes a month.

In the start of the sprint, Team members sit together and do the planning and figure out how many items they can commit in the sprint depending on the size of team or capacity, and then create a sprint backlog – a list of the tasks to perform during the sprint.

During an agile Scrum sprint, the Scrum team takes a small set of features from idea to coded and tested functionality. In the end, these features are done, meaning coded, tested and integrated into the evolving product or system.

We follow the "Definition of Done" in each sprint that means our team will be fully responsible to implement and deploy the feature in the market.

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Fixed price Model

The fixed price model is ideal for projects with a clear definition of requirements and scope. For projects with clearly defined requirements and scope, the fixed price model is perfect. The service provider and customer consider this model to be risk-free because the total costs and timeline are determined before the project's start. The main goals and achievements of the project are also defined, along with the time and cost. This is not only a measure of on-budget and on-time delivery but is also conducive to good relations between the two parties.

Our fixed price model is ideal for all kind of projects regardless of its size if the requirements are pre-defined. Here are key features of this model:

Hourly price Model

The hourly price model is suited for projects which do not have a clearly defined scope, requirements or implementation plans or are expected to change any phase of the development of the project. The cost of the project depends on the time spent and the resources used in a pay-per-use model. And the payment is made on an hourly basis in this model.
This model provides customers with enhanced flexibility because they are allowed to change the project requirements in the ongoing project with changing market trend. The hourly price model is perfect for complex projects, which can change frequently. Here are the main characteristics of this model project:

Hourly price Model image


This model is ideal for projects that are expected to go on for a long time and are permanently requested to provide offshore services. The client can, therefore, exercise full control over the project team and the technical resources involved. We offer highly skilled performers and technical resources, depending on your requirements.
This model enables you to reduce the cost, since an in - house team is not required. And the payment method can be selected as a fixed or hourly price, depending on your preference. This model has the main characteristics: