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It is not wrong to say that a business of any size today is in need of an app that can help it to incorporate strong connectivity and relationships with stakeholders to grow in a rapidly evolving technological world. Mobile application development is a cost-effective approach to digitally expand the scope of business operations as more and more people now have access to smart devices along with fast internet connection. However, having a typical or common app is just not enough to beat the stiff competition. To lead the markets, it is necessary to build an app having rich features like speed, high-performance, robust-security, and seamless user-interface.

For recognizing such features, React Native can be considered as an optimum alternative because this framework is capable of building best-in-class hybrid applications even with limited available resources. Some of the great applications that have been developed using React include Instagram, Airbnb, Pinterest, Discord, Tesla, Walmart, Facebook Ads Manager, Skype, Tencent QQ, and much more. So, what are those reasons that are responsible for such impressive popularity and credibility of this technology? Why do the majority of the mobile app development companies prefer it? Have a look.

1. Single Codebase

The ‘single codebase’ feature of React Native is like a USP of this technology. It promotes a cross-platform development possibility where an application can be deployed on Android and iOS mobile platforms at the same time by using a solo set of components and libraries. This re-usability of the same codes saves a developer from the headache of investing additional efforts and time for developing for each platform. Updates can also be rendered at once instead of pushing them individually. No wonder why React is a favorite amid the global mobile app development community.

SOURCE: Statista

According to the 2019 developer survey data, as shared by Statista, 42 percent of the developers made use of React Native for app development, making it the most popular Cross-platform mobile framework.

The re-usability feature of the solo codebase has helped not just developers but business enterprises as well. Every business now has an objective to target the release for both iOS and Android devices to boost the business reach and achieve competitive scalability. With React technology in the picture, a business or even a startup can have a fast performing app for different platforms without investing too much time and money. There is no obligation to re-write the code again and again and as such, the need for hiring further resources to develop for a specific platform never arises.


2. Inspiring Performance

Any hybrid app created via React works like a high-performing native app as this technology makes use of Native APIs for generating codes without utilizing any WebView components. Native elements applied during the development of Android or iOS apps are compatible with the React framework. As such, delivering a rapid app building experience becomes an easy job. Also, the native processors are generally CPU intensive, however, in the case of this JavaScript framework, the processors are GPU intensive that allows for easy placement of the user interface. These properties assist in the deployment of reliable and agile applications reflecting great performance.
The prime objective of React Native is to serve a dynamic mobile ecosystem without creating complex challenges for the developers.

3. Extensive Community

React comes with another benefit of a strong and extensive community. The mammoth size community of React Native developers provides a lot of assistance and help to anyone who is facing an issue or problem while operating this technology. If a person is new to this framework, then such an individual is less likely to encounter the hurdles in learning about it. The community has experts and members sharing diverse demographic and experience backgrounds to help anyone with any kind of issue. Some other highlighting benefits are:

  • Information & knowledge sharing
  • Experts’ opinions
  • Project collaborations
  • Feedback collections
  • Experience sharing
  • Portfolio sharing
  • Quick solutions
  • Various components & libraries

The strong community support supplements better coding and helps the developers to easily learn and explore the new curves and trends. GitHub React Native Community is a platform that has more than 2000 contributors and encourages people to share the experiences, opinions, reviews, solutions, etc. Another interesting thing to note is that the leading technology brands like Software Mansion and Callstack have also made significant contributions to this framework.

Let’s understand the importance of this strong community with the help of an example. Suppose a mobile application development firm received a project to develop an education app with dynamic features. While working on the project, the developers encountered some problems for executing the custom features as requested by the client. In order to seek solutions for such problems, the specific issues can be shared within the community. Since the community has great strength of experts and contributors, the relevant solution would be shared by someone in a short period. As a result, the project can be delivered on time, and credibility or goodwill of the firm would not be compromised.

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4. Third-party plugin support

There are some components that are not recognizable within the core framework of React Native because this framework is new and is still in its development stage. Although, Facebook has made sure that this does not affect the integrity of the technology by offering support for third-party plugins as a countermeasure. Native modules and JavaScript modules are two types of plugins that can be used with React. The plugins can help to extend the scope of the features that the application has to offer to its target users.

For example, a movie ticket booking app developed via React Native can integrate a third-party plugin to add Google Calendars for reminding the users in advance about the booked events or shows. The top ReactJS development companies also utilize third-party plugins for rendering great applications.

5. Long-Lasting

This framework will stay in the trend for a very long time because it serves a plethora of amazing options and features like a single codebase, UI focused approach, wide community, short development cycle, third-party plugins support, native performance, hot reload, reusable codes, etc. With the help of updates, Facebook is still trying its best to ensure that developers and businesses can always find a reason to opt for this technology when developing mobile applications. The requirements as per the changing needs of businesses and users are constantly recognized within the purview of such updates and the latest versions. The applications developed via React Native provides a smooth and seamless experience to the end-users for making the best use. The professional and experts also recommend this framework for generating real-time leads.

All the aforesaid features and reasons as discussed above renders React Native as an ideal option for developing fascinating applications. There are some other features also like modular architecture, live updates, good memory management, easy conversions of web projects, greater flexibility, etc. In nutshell, React Native will continue to shine as a leading Cross-platform mobile framework all across the globe to develop wonderful applications. It is continuously progressing and upgrading itself to offer innovative solutions and help communities to bring digital revolution.


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