importance of technology in business
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In the past few years with the development in technology, more and more organizations have opted for the latest technologies and have incorporated them in their business, in the present-day world Technology and Business have to walk hand in hand, making it necessary for the businesses to utilize technology in every aspect, whatever may be the industry you are operating in, technology will always have an upper hand in providing your customers access to all the information which they need to successfully interact with your company. Technology has had a significant impact on the advanced workplaces, reforming the way businesses carry out their daily activities.
For e.g.- In the era of 90’s, Television was the most popular source of information and entertainment, but over these years with evolution in technology television has now come into everybody’s hands.



Benefits of the technology for your business


1) Enhance the Output

Technology empowers businesses to pace up the production process, allows the management to analyze the time and spending’s on the projects making them more efficient and easier to handle.

2) Boost Flexibility

Technology helps in easy communication within the organization and as well as outside the organization, connecting your business with the masses making it more successful.

3) Better Customer Service

Customer service is supreme for both big and small businesses today, customer experience often brings in the new prospects for the business, Technology plays an important role in making this connection work.
For e.g.- Technology has provided the convenience of booking the tickets for Railways, Buses, Airplanes and various other modes of transportation reservations.

4) Better Learning Techniques

Learning and innovating new tasks becomes interesting when businesses incorporate technology, it helps to generate new ideas and develops the mental ability of the employees to act fast.

5) Easy Accessibility of Information

Use of technology has enabled the businesses to access the information effortlessly, collection of the in-hand information helps the business to carry out the day to day activities peacefully.
For e.g.- In the earlier days, people going for vacation had to first reach the destination and then see into the good hotels for the stay but now with advancement in technology, people are being provided with the services where they can sit at one place and choose from the wide range of destinations, from selecting the travelling mode to the rooms of the hotel all at one place.


Where to use the technology ?


1) In Productivity

Project management and task management tools act as excellent software programs for drawing out where time is spent and by whom, these tools help in assessing the overall improvements and drawbacks of the project.

Establish an efficient email management procedure that makes it easier to stay on top of the flow of messages and makes connecting with the prospects effortless.

Create a digital filing system to make the flow of work as easy as ABC, find, share, sort and save the documents at one place.

2) In Financials

Using an extensive accounting software will keep your business finances up to date.

Online budget tracking helps reduce the expenses of your business, it saves time and as well as the overall cost involved.

Create an online invoice generation system to lower the cost of payment collection from customers.

3) In Marketing

Use of social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. provides a platform to promote your business online.

Creation of Websites and applications gives your business a unique identity.

Using email marketing will help your business to reach a large number of people in no time.

4) In Collaboration

Setup team messaging to communicate quickly and clearly with the team members.

Web conferences or Webinars are of great help in keeping everyone on the same page.

Carry out the teleconference calls to increase your prospects and client base.

For e.g.- Technology has given access to the businesses to collaborate with people around the world, the western countries (US, UK, AU, NZ etc.) businesses can now hire remote teams from anywhere around the world, i.e. India where they get the services at a much cheaper price as compared to the developers in their native counties. According to a research, the average salary of a software engineer in USA is $103,035/year and whereas the average salary of a software engineer in India is $7858/year.

5) In Customer Service

Conducting online surveys or using questionnaires to get customer feedback.

Setting up an online help desk or appointment system for customer convenience.

Use of Chatbots for spontaneous replies and excellent customer experience.




The present world is driven by technology, it has seeped into just every facet of our lives and has just become an integral tool for many different things, including your business. Technology is constantly being improved and there are various tech options available to improve business performances.

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