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How PPC & SEO can be used together to generate massive leads

Read Time 3 min PPC (pay-per-click) & SEO (search engine optimization) are two different streams of digital marketing that serve the common purpose of enhancing the visibility of your business’ website link or URL on the search engines. Affordable internet services and the growing popularity of smartphones has made it much easier for people to explore their needs on […]


Top 5 Interesting Features of WordPress Web Development in 2020

Read Time 3 min WordPress web development has gained immense popularity since its release way back in 2003. It is considered as one of the best website building tools even today and has evolved a lot in recent past years to serve the diverse needs of digital and business ecosystems. Another amazing fact about WordPress is that the large […]


5 Best SEO Practices to Boost Your Website Ranking in 2020

Read Time 3 min SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular and fastest-growing components of digital marketing. Several attributes responsible for this fame include benefits like great ROI, massive leads generation, brand credibility & trust building, market share securing, and much more. However, SEO practices are never consistent or stable and have to be adjusted […]


Challenges Ahead for Web Development Post COVID-19

Read Time 3 min COVID-19 had its adverse effects on almost every possible factor that kept the social and economic cycle of the human race running. From the economic standpoint, the operations of some of the extensive and influential industries like sports, entertainment, tourism, retail, finance, manufacturing, oil & gas, media, and even technology were suffered on a global […]


UX and UI- Which one is More Important ?

Read Time 3 min There is no universal rule or fact whether UX has more importance over UI or vice-versa. What needs to be understood here is that a balance between both is most important. UI relates to design or aesthetic quality, whereas UX refers to the usability or functionality of the website, app, or product. Now try to […]

UX and UI- Which one is More Important?

Things to keep in mind when making responsive web apps

Read Time 3 min A web app is an application or software program, stored on a remote server that a user can access and run within a browser. Some of the examples of web apps include Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Pixlr, Netflix, Trello, etc. However, it is responsive web apps that have more value and potential. Such applications can […]

responsive web apps blog image

Essential and Desirable Skills for a UX Designer

Read Time 4 min Before we dive into this topic of the ‘essential and desirable skills a UX designer should possess’, let’s first understand what UX means and why it is important for your business. In simple words, UX i.e. User Experience refers to the quality of the response or feeling that the users get after interacting with the […]

Essential and Desirable Skills blog images

Why Should You Hire Professional Remote Workers during CoronaVirus Emergency?

Read Time 4 min Before getting into the details as to why ‘Hiring the Remote Workers is the best option for some industries during the CoronaVirus epidemic’ let’s analyze the recent impacts of this Virus. It all started to change when the WHO (World Health Organization) declared CoronaVirus, a global emergency. It is a serious outbreak and the statistics […]

Hire Professional Remote Workers

How Startups Can Expand Their Reach With Social Media Marketing?

Read Time 3 min Building a brand name for your business in this competitive and fast-evolving era of globalization and international trade is not an easy job. Most of the startups fail to perform or deliver the desired results because of their incompetency to craft an optimum online marketing approach. This is the Digital Age, and we all believe […]


Apple and Google Joined Hands for Siri and Gmail Use

Read Time 2 min Finally, there is good news for IOS devices lovers. Earlier this month Siri is finally officially available on IOS now and is available for use on various google apps. Well, the best part is that Google has also integrated a Siri shortcut on the most used Gmail app and so many of its features are […]