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How Coffee (PPC) and Cookie (SEO) Helps Your Cafe to Reach New Heights

Read Time 4 min Before beginning let’s stop here and assume that you own a posh and lavish cafe in Paris but people are surpassing to visit nearby Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. Do you wonder why? The reason being they are not aware of your ravishing cafe with the best food in the town. To make sure that the […]

seo cafe

5 Reasons To Choose React Native App Development For Your Restaurant

Read Time 4 min The ecosystem of front-end app development is emerging which will help the startups already existing businesses. The new tools are coming every day with new frameworks that businessman is getting confused about what is the right option they should choose. So, what’s one of the most reliable framework? It is React Native. React Native is […]

React Native App Development

How to Set up Dockerizing WordPress with Nginx Web Server?

Read Time 5 min Are you tired of inefficient WordPress hosts? To get rid of the slow server response time and slow page loading time, we will learn today about setting up a super-fast Dockerizing WordPress with Nginx web server on Ubuntu 20.04 to achieve maximum performance. WordPress is an amazing open-source and free Content Management System currently millions […]

Dockerizing Wordpress with Nginx Web Server

How to Get Started with Apache Cassandra – A distributive NoSql Database

Read Time 4 min Apache Cassandra is an open-source distributed database management system that is designed to handle huge amounts of data across various data centers and clouds, it provides high availability with no single point of failure. It’s highly scalable, written in java, and offers many features that other relational and NoSQL databases cannot. Originally it was developed […]

Apache Cassandra

What are the React Libraries you Must Know?

Read Time < 1 min

React Libraries

6 Reason why you Need to Move from Angular to React?

Read Time < 1 min

why react over angular

7 Incredible Tools For React Developers in 2020

Read Time 6 min Javascript is popular for launching new frameworks and tools every week and React is one of its most famous frameworks. When you need to pick the right visualizer, right stylesheet, the right IDE for the new React project, you will encounter many options. You need to pick the right one to improve the development workflow […]

React Developer Tools

Best 5 Cross-Platform Frameworks for Mobile App Development

Read Time 5 min Mike is a millennial who wakes up every morning with the vibration of his smartwatch, order breakfast from the Zomato app and rush to book a taxi to reach the office. It is a truth that everyone today is leading a mobile application savvy life to make things easier. To survive in this Darwinian digital […]

Best Cross-Platform Frameworks for Mobile App Development

How to Generate Leads from Social Media Marketing in 2020

Read Time 5 min “Torture the data, and it will confess to anything.” – Ronald Coase Telemarketer rings your phone every day to get signed up for sale. Now lead generation has shifted dramatically to digital strategies from those landline days. The outbound and inbound leads generated digitally actually work out more efficiently. A lead is an individual who […]

Digital Marketing Campaigns that Stole the Spotlight on the Internet

Read Time 6 min Digital Marketing is having an ever-changing landscape which makes it very hard to examine which campaign works and which doesn’t. It would be great to start by looking for the forefront brand’s digital marketing campaigns that stole the spotlight on the internet. Recently, brands are taking a stand on current political or social issues and […]

Digital Marketing Campaigns