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Logistics Sector

The transport and logistics industry is trending upwards in the past few years. Being one of the most cut-throat and highly progressive industries all around the globe. With globalization firing competition, it became necessary for businesses to jump into technology. Partnering with valuable vendors and lucrative mobility solutions can make drastic change ingrown of your business.

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APPWRK IT SOLUTIONS is one of the best software solution companies in India. We are here to help you in the exploration of your business. We offer unique solutions to our clients so they can be distinctive from the others. Our main focus is to enhance your customer satisfaction and improve your ROI. After working with different web and mobile applications using the latest technologies, we are capable to deliver as per your needs.
Our solution provides real-time tracking of all the vehicles and personnel on a single map interface. We provide you with a solution which will help you to manage delivery routes & dispatch schedule in a cost-efficient way.


APPWRK works closely with logistics companies to exploit the power of mobile technology to achieve customer satisfaction, enhance employee productivity and heighten up brand value and revenue growth. Likewise, in logistics, employee productivity is crucial. Driven with a limitless experience in logistics, we develop sharp and futuristic mobility solutions for shipping companies. Our web and mobility solution will aid businesses to be more customer responsive and distinctive from competitors. Below are the salient features.

Immediate Field Service Management

One of the prime issue that every logistic firm face is the incapacity to track each action. Our solution advances the user with tracking of delivery associates, medical reps, field technicians and other field workforce assets all on a singular map interface.

Faultless Logistics Management Software

Our Solution provides exceptional analytics and research data which drives you to make better decisions. The data provides important insights and predicts future trends with the help of algorithm-enabled location intelligence. All these factors help to optimize your logistics management services.

Self Regulation of Delivery Logistics

Automation or regulation is an important component of the logistic system with massive futuristic potentials. We regulate the functionality right from the pick-up point until the delivery. 

Easy unification with Multiple Platforms

Our logistic management solution expresses exceptional efficiency, as well as offers easy integration with multiple platforms such as ERP/CRM/WMS/TMS; which in return provides you with flawless experience for all your operations.

Regulating Capabilities

If you are a logistics management service provider then you must be adept in handling odd situations on a day-to-day basis. Our logistics management solution has it all which assist you in troubleshooting any issue that arises.

Increase Productivity & Reduce Cost

With our Logistics Management Solution in place, you don’t have to worry a bit about productivity. All the processes are well defined which makes all the operations smooth and free of any hassle. It also reduces costs as it cuts down all the unnecessary processes.

Why Comprehensive Logistics Management Solution ?

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Cut operative costs
  • Drive operational Productivity
  • Greater Inventory Visibility
  • Eliminate inessential processes
  • Enhance customer support
  • Extend safety and security
  • Access critical data statistics
  • Key Financial Indicators
  • Productive supply chain
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